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Manuel de la Fondeuse Monotype
Le fondeur et son moule composition (PDF)

Manuel de la fondeuse Monotype (HTML)

keyboard / clavier / tastapparat

Clavier model D Monotype (PDF)
Monotype keyboard ajustement book (PDF)
Tastapparat Model D und DD, normal und duplex (PDF)


Claire and David Bolton's Monotype links:

Type Faces issued by Monotype, in alphabetic order
Type Faces issued by Monotype, in numeric
Keybars and their UAs and typefaces, in keybar number order
Stopbars and their unit values, in stopbar number
Stopbars and UAs and typefaces, in stopbar number order
Unit Arrangement nos, and their typefaces, in UA order
Unit Arrangements 1, 2 & 3 - character unit widths (U.
Unit Arrangement C - character unit widths (U.S.)
Monotype Literature that was available in 1960
Some Published Monotype Parts Lists
Some Published Monotype Manuals

Some Published Monotype Information sheets, etc.
Oils for Monotype Machines
Nozzles for Monotype Machines
Monotype Part Nos in numeric manufacturing code order
Monotype casters at the Alembic Press
How to run a Composition Caster
Some problems encountered when casting type

and for more about Alembic, go to:
Alembic Home Page


Next Européan Monotype University will be held in Saran-Orléans

1-8 july 2006

Programme et inscription ici!

Dowload the program and registration form here!


Saran near Orléans

map here

Map to find the atelier typographique "le Cassetin" in Saran




See where next Unimono will be held in 2006!

be there, join us here !




Cours de gravure

Cours de dessin d'Academie




International Monotype Memory Project

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Monotype corporation

Monotype corporation time line

Monotype corporation in pictures


Monotype video on internet

Monotype caster and keyboard system explanation

Order the 4 complet DVD for 150 euro

European Monotype University FILM 1 (WMV)
European Monotype University European Monotype University FILM 3 (WMV)

European Monotype University FILM 4 (WMV)

Elston caster video link

Tipoteca Monotype video

Monotype library

To the the IMMP PDF library

All caster plates in PDF full download
Zoomify plates

Table of Monotype founts (PDF)
NEW: Unit arrangements (PDF)

Caster lubrification (PDF)

Monotype material in the University library Cambridge

European Monotype University

European Monotype University web site
2004 European Monotype University photo gallery 1
2004 European Monotype University photo gallery 2


Monotype system

Le systeme Monotype (PDF)


interested in computer2caster ?

send us an e-mail at



Computer to caster web site

See virtual computer2caster ( Quicktime .mov 6MB)

See computer2caster photo gallery

Monotype keyboard ajustement


Monotype links:

John's Setek web site Monotype, in numeric
Hubbard Type foundery
Arion Press M & H Type

Arion Press foundry pressroom
Alembic Pressnit widths (U.S.)
The Old School Press

The Eltson Press


Type museum London

Type culture Monotype movie

Matrix making at Oxford University Press

Offizin Parnassia




Inrad Patek Philippe
Technical manual

Inrad Patek Philippe
Operator's manual

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