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Agfa Monotype Corporation

The Monotype Chronicles

Key events in monotype's history: people, technology, typefaces, company developments, and important industry developments

by Lawrence W. Wallis

1844 – 1894

Tolbert Lanston, the inventor of the Monotype hot-metal composition system, born on 3 February at Troy in Ohio.

Tolbert Lanston, Ottmar Mergenthaler, and, Stanley Morison born

1896 – 1906
Monotype issued first typeface; Monotype registered as trademark in US

1907 – 1916
Business structure of Monotype consolidated; First formalized Monotype School established

1917 – 1925
Monotype adopted the Anglo-American point system; F.W. Goudy appointed Art Director

1926 – 1933
Monotype supercaster developed in UK; Perpetua, Gill Sans, Bembo, Times New Roman and Walbaum go on sale

1934 – 1941
Frank Pierpont appointed to the Board of Monotype; Monotype offices in London destroyed by enemy bombing

1942 – 1953
W.I. Burch died; Monotype Bulletin first appeared

1954 – 1959

The Monotype Corporation Ltd. began research on the project that eventually brought forth the Monophoto Filmsetter. It was to remain an entirely British development.

Monotype Filmsetters installed in US, UK and South Africa

1960 – 1970
Monophoto 600 Filmsetter produced by Monotype

1971 – 1981
Monotype Lasercomp launched; New Series of Monotype Recorders initiated after 10 year lapse

1982 – 1991
Monotype ceased manufacturing of hot metal keyboards and casters; First PostScript type 1 fonts were issued; Monotype licensed 13 core fonts to Microsoft

1992 – 1996
Agfa, Lexmark, and Hewlett Packard licensed Monotype typefaces for their printers; Monotype CD launched with over 2000 fonts; Font licensing on began