Plate 31 symbols


A symbol in italics is not illustrated unless referred to another plate.

Symbol Description
1CK Foot notes: # , Ý , ÝÝ, ¶ , § , §§ , * , ** , | , ß
1CK119 Ball Bearing, for Crankshaft
1CK120 Cover
1CK121 Cover Stud (4), in Cylinder Block
1CK122 Cover Stud Nut (4)
1CK123 Cover Oil Retaining Ring
1CK124 Housing
1CK125C* Connecting Rod
1CK126Ý Bush
1CK127Ý Roller (16)
1CK128Ý Roller Cage
1CK129Ý Roller Cage Cover
1CK130Ý Roller Cage Cover Rivet (8)
*1CK125C consists of 1CK125 and 126, 1CK127 (16), 1CK128 and 129, 1CK130 (8)
ÝCan be fitted only at Workshops
1CK131 Crankshaft
1CK132 Key, for Flywheel
1CK133 Lock Nut, for Ball Bearing
1CK134 Lock Nut Screw, 3/16" x 7/16"
1CK135 Lock Nut, for Roller Bearing
1CK136 Lock Nut Screw, 3/16" x 7/16"
1CK137 Nut
1CK138 Washer
1CK148 Flywheel, Flat Belt
a1CK148 Flywheel, Vee Belt
1CK192C* Piston
1CK193CÝ Gudgeon Pin
1CK194 Gudgeon Pin Spring
1CK195 Gudgeon Pin Lubricating Pipe
1CK196 Ring (4)
*1CK192C consists of 1CK192, 1CK195
Ý1CK193C consists of 1CK193, 1CK194
1CK197 Roller Bearing, for Crankshaft
1CK198 Housing
1CK199 (refer after a1CK144, Plate 30)
1CK200 (refer after b1CK170, Plate 30)
1CK201 (refer under a7CK151C, Plate 30)
a1CK201 (refer under a7CK151C, Plate 30)
1CK202 (refer under a7CK151C, Plate 30)
1CK203 (refer under a7CK151C, Plate 30)
a1CK203 (refer under a7CK151C, Plate 30)
1CK204 (refer under a7CK151C, Plate 30)
1CK205 (refer under a7CK151C, Plate 30)
1CK206 (refer under a7CK151C, Plate 30)