Plate 32 symbols


A symbol in italics is not illustrated unless referred to another plate.

Symbol Description
1CK Foot notes: # , Ý , Ý Ý, ¶ , § , §§ , * , ** , | , ß
1CK101 Air Filter, felt
1CK101 assd. * ß Air Filter, felt assembled
a1CK101 assd. Ý Air Filter, felt assembled
1CK102 Bush (2)
1CK103 ß Handle
a1CK103 Handle
1CK104 Handle Screw (2), 5/32" x 1"
1CK105 Handle Screw Nut (2)
1CK106 Handle Screw Washer (2)
1CK107 Plate (2)
* 1CK101 assd. consists of 1CK 101, 1CK102 (2), 1CK103, 1CK104 (2), 1CK105 (2), 1CK106 (2), 1CK107 (2)
Ýa1CK101 assd. consists of 1CK101, 1CK102 (2), a1CK103, 1CK104 (2), 1CK105 (2), 1CK106 (2), 1CK107 (2)
ß'Monotype' 5 cu. ft. Air Compressors supplied on and after June 1945 and prior to number 20684 were equipped with these parts
a1CK115  Air Valve, Inlet and Delivery (4)
a1CK116 Cap (4)
1CK117 Cap Washer (4)
a1CK118 Spring (4)
1CK158 Oil Feed Adjusting Valve
1CK159 Lock Nut
1CK160 Seating
1CK161 Seating Washer
1CK168 * Oil Filter
1CK169 Frame
* 1CK168C consists of 1CK168 and 169
a1CK176  Oil Pump Piston
1CK210 Spring
Oil Pump Housing
 a1CK177 Plug, left
1CK178 Plug Washer
a1CK179 Plug, right
1CK180 Plug Washer
1CK181 Oil Pump Valve, Suction, Delivery and Relief (3)
1CK182 Seating, for Suction Valve
1CK183 Seating Washer
1CK184 Spring, for Delivery Valve
1CK185 Seating, for Relief Valve
1CK186 Seating Cap
1CK187 Spring, for Relief Valve
1CK188 Oil Tray, in Cylinder Block
1CK189 Screw (2), 3/16" x 5/8"
1CK207 Oil Pump Eccentric
1CK208 Cover
1CK209 Cover Screw (2), 5/32" x 3/8"
1CK210 (refer after a1CK176)
1CK211 (refer under a1CK151C, Plate 30)
1CK212 (refer under a1CK151C, Plate 30)
Xf1CK Air Compressor Vee Belt Drive, 5 cu. ft. complete
Xg1CK Air Compressor Vee Belt Drive, 5 cu. ft. complete