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1934 - 1941

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1935- - Van Dijck (Series 203).

Emerson (Series 320) by Joseph Blumenthal.

Signature, a periodical dedicated to typography and the graphic arts, commenced publication under the editorship of Oliver Simon. Fifteen issues appeared up to 1940 and a New Series resumed after the Second World War comprising eighteen issues between 1946 and 1954.

1938- Alberus (Series 481) by Berthold Wolpe.

Matura (Series 496) by Imre Reiner.

Combined spacing attachment for Monotype machines whereby the justified spaces were cast integrally with the first letters of every word. Some 16 per cent of casting time was saved by the technique.

1934- Installation of first teletypesetter-operated line-casters in Europe at The Scotsman newspaper. Intertype F mixer machines featured, as did data transmissions between London and Edinburgh.

The book Printing Design and Layout by Vincent Steer. It did much to establish the typographic design profession in Britain. Some 18,000 copies were sold up to 1953.

1936 - Romulus (Series 458) by Jan Van Krimpen. Originally cut by Enschedé in 1931.

Script mould and attachment for Monotype Caster.

Stanley Morison’s influential essay on the First Principles of Typography published by the Cambridge University Press. It had appeared previously in a somewhat different version as part of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1929) and of The Fleuron (1930).

Frank H. Pierpont retired as Works Manager of the factory at Salfords. He was succeeded by H. L. Buckle.

Typography, a quarterly publication, launched under the editorship of Robert Harling from the Shenval Press at Hertford. Eight issues completed the series which ended in 1939.

1937 - Ehrhardt (Series 453), the last of the significant typeface revivals under the supervision of Stanley Morison.

Pegasus (Series 508) by Berthold Wolpe.

System for automatically quadding and centring lines of type for Monotype machines.

Frank H. Pierpont appointed to the Board of the Monotype Corporation Ltd. as a Consulting Engineer. He died soon afterwards on 11 February.

George Westover, an employee of the Monotype Corporation Ltd., applied independently for patent protection of his Rotofoto phototypesetting system. It envisaged use of a Monotype Keyboard for perforating a paper spool to control a Monotype Caster adapted to expose characters on to 35 mm film. Other facilities were proposed for correcting and making-up material by photographic projection.

War Office and the Admiralty in London commissioned Monotype to assist in the manufacture of some intricate and precise gun mechanisms and some observation ‘sights’.

1939 - With advancing age, the position of Frederic W. Goudy with the Lanston Monotype Machine Company was changed from Art Director to Art Counsellor.

Monotype made initial deliveries of Browning Gun components to the British Government. They were the first of 272,341 supplied by the Corporation. Overall some 18,742,579 parts had been manufactured at the Salfords factory for various armaments by the end of hostilities.

1940 - Sol Hess appointed Art Director of the Lanston Monotype Machine Company following the reduced involvement of Frederic W. Goudy.

On the retirement of Billy Wigg, Jimmy Worth became Principal of the Monotype School and remained in the position until 1956 when succeeded by Percy Humby.

Parts of the Monotype Works at Salfords given over to war production.

1941 - Monotype offices in London at 43 Fetter Lane destroyed by enemy bombing on 10 May. To maintain trading, a temporary office was taken at nearby Clifford’s Inn, followed by a longer-term arrangement at Queens House in Lincolns Inn Fields. The Monotype School in Dean Street was bombed on the same night and re-established in Rosebery Avenue (the company’s warehouse) and later at 54/55 Fetter Lane.



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