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1942 - 1953

Wednesday January 7th, 2004, par Andréas Schweizer

1942- - W. I. Burch, Managing Director of the Monotype Corporation Ltd., died on 3 September. He was succeeded by H. L. Buckle.

Illustration shows Eric Gill guiding the hand of W. I. Birch, 1929.

1944- The Monotype Corporation Ltd. began research on the project that eventually brought forth the Monophoto Filmsetter. It was to remain an entirely British development.

1942 - Lord Askwith died on 2 June. He had been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Monotype Corporation in 1898 and became Chairman in 1926.

1943 - Monotype Technical Bulletin first issued and ran to November 1967 when the name changed to Monotype Bulletin and appeared until August 1973.

1944 - First patent applications by René Higonnet and Louis Moyroud leading ultimately to development of the Photon (Lumitype) machine which established the broad technical principles for second-generation (electro-photomechanical) phototypesetting - as distinct from first-generation phototypesetting founded on adaptations of hot-metal mechanical equipment like the Monophoto Filmsetter.

1945 - Stanley Morison appointed editor of The Times Literary Supplement.

1946 - Alternate Gothic Italic No. 2 by Sol Hess.

US Government Printing Office in Washington installed an Intertype Fotosetter, a first-generation phototypesetter based on the operating principles of a line-caster.

1947 - Frederic W. Goudy died on 11 May.

1948 - E. Silcock appointed Managing Director of the Monotype Corporation on the retirement of H. L. Buckle.

1951 - John C. Tarr retired as Head of the Type Drawing Office at Salfords to be succeeded by John Goulding, who later became Typographical Manager in 1965.

Monotype Discussion Groups were established for keyboard and caster operators throughout the United Kingdom.

1952 - Experimental versions of the Monophoto Filmsetter demonstrated to selected confidants. It was based on the traditional Monotype composing machines comprising a keyboard for producing a punched paper spool with 31 channels and a caster adapted for the photographic exposure of text.

E. Silcock, the general manager of the Monotype Corporation Ltd., wrote in the Penrose Annual that the Monophoto Filmsetter had ‘emerged from years of testing and development to the level where it can now be placed in commercial operation’.

1953 - Sol Hess died.

Sir George Harvie-Watt became Chairman of the Monotype Corporation Ltd. having been Deputy Chairmen for some time.



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