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22-01-2004: 24 Volt direct current

Thursday January 22nd, 2004, par John Cornelisse

Old knowledge, from 3th class high-school, proofed to be not forgotten at all.

I have an old Ampere-meter, a real antique. 300 Ohm, 1 micro-ampere maximum. It is huge, old fashioned, made some in the old days: Holland was still proud with such a company like "Philips Gloeilampen Fabriek". Rare quality, hard to find today...

The meter is in black Backelite. An now obsolete polymere of formaldehyde. But also in itself a collectors-item today.

It has been idle for years now. Not any more... with about 2.5 MOhm resistor to limit the current through it. Mow it will indicate the 24 Volt Direct Current of the power-supply for the electronic valves.

It must have been 40 years ago, those lessons how to connect the parts around the meter. The appropriate calculations they just re-appeared when I needed them.

Still I’m not able to find a way to sent bytes to the interface, more than frustrating. Some guy over the Big Pond he offered his help. Assembler is not quite my cup of tea. Maybe he can find some solution.



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