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30-01-2004: indentify the port

Friday January 30th, 2004, par John Cornelisse

Progress in programming

We have found a way to indentify the port, actually used by the Ms-dos computer.

Not the Port 1, or LPT1, but port 3 ! Alphahex address 0x3bc. My friends found a way to determine this port during runtime. If those Gates-boys would like to move it, we will find it again.

With this knowledge I can built all the software I need. Even with the compilers I already have.

The only problem we still have to solve, is the wall the hardware has made around the status-information of this port. We are denied all access to that info.

My friend will try to take that barriere away, but this will take some serious testing and a few changes in the hardware.

If I had a Machintosh, or another NON-DOS machine, I could have done my first casting two weeks ago.

In future we must keep away from all sorts of Windows. Maybe Windows-3-11? Better not. There are far better operating-systems than that.



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