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13-02-2004: can’t cope with file’s above 64k

Monday February 16th, 2004, par John Cornelisse

I’ve split my program-files in three parts now. The main file is still some 59 kb... extremely dangerous. This malice operating system can’t cope with file’s above 64k.

This is rather near that strange border. I avoid the temptation to remove all comments.

That would make the code impossible to read for others. After all, it is all supposed to be "open source". No comments would make it impossible to digest for others. For myself too, because in the future I will probably change a little.

Now I am not frightened anymore when the massage C1059 appears: "out of near heap-space" it means. The therapy now is clear: remove all tested routines to the include-files. Do not try to alter the routines, because there’s nothing cursed against the C-language or against real logic.

The good news is: I’m building on the monotype-compiler again. I do not need all my time finding out All the good stuff from the routines I did test last Sunday they are copied into my present test-program.


In a few days I will probably get some extra hardware. For the second prototype. We will need some extra block-wheels to built a second cart for the keyboard paper-tower.

All preparations for the Monotype-university in June.



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