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Murphy’s Law and interfacing

THE LONDON DEMONSTRATION Monday May 10th, 2004, par John Cornelisse

Last week I’ve been at the type-museum in London. Monday evening at 23.45 I took the bus (Eurolines) to London Victoria station. After the boat-ride from Calais to Dover I arrived around 6 o’clock at Victoria Station in London.

All rain there, typical English weather. After the ride in the tube to Stockwell Station, only 3 stops from Victoria, I walked with all the equippement to the Typemuseum.

No people there yet, so I waited, until Duncan and my & his friends arrived, under the staircase next to the entrance.

Unpacking all the load I had taken with me, I discovered, the 5 VDC power supply was left home... Next time I will make a check-list to be sure I cannot forget anything anymore.

Somewhere from the depts of the cupboards of the type-museum we found a replacement for it. A small 5 VDC power-supply used once for a little cell-phone.

But then I needed an iron, to change the plug on it, before I could connect it to the interface itself.

Luckely Gerry Drayton found such thing unused for years the next morning before Duncan arrived to take us to the museum again.

At the museum I started to built the system, but than I did something wrong, I know now...

I switched on the 24 VDC power-supply just before I had the complete system all connected.

And I was ’rewarded’ with some ’flashing’, that overdimensioned power-supply I have is capable to much more than the valves ever need. And all its power (12 AMP’s and more) did melt a few of the diodes and one of the copper lane’s on the print.

Immediately switched off the thing, but the damage was done. No computer controlled casting that day.

Luckely the interface still worked, so I was still able to demonstrate the software and the new attachments for the paper-tower.

Justin Howes only had some spare moments for it. Demonstrating casting type the old way by hand, to all the visitors coming along.

That attachment to connect the valves to the caster, - I can put it on, and take it off in a few seconds, without any change of the papertower at all.

It looks simple, but the thing is beautifully engeneered by a good friend of me. I think this attachment is one of the highlights of the system.

At present all equippement is at Symbiosys again. I hope the repairs will take not to much time.



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