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David Bolton

THE ALEMBIC PRESS Friday May 14th, 2004, par Andréas Schweizer

The Alembic Press

Claire and I have operated the Alembic Press, as a solely letterpress private press, since 1972, and we currently have an Albion handpress, Vandercook cylinder proofpress, Arab treadle platen press, and various smaller proof, platen and tabletop presses, plus a collection of some 350 founts of Victorian and modern metal and wood letter type.

We have two working Monotype composition casters, and one non-working one. We have one working super caster. And we have two working keyboards, and one non-working one. I run all these myself, although Claire sometimes does the keyboarding. The casters are used for producing the type for the various books we print and publish (most of which are about matters related to paper or printing). At present we do not cast type for other people, as that would be too much like hard work.

I started up our first caster in 1996, and since then have run them approximately once a week. This is far too infrequent either to do the machinery any good, or to get fully familiar with operating a caster, but as the casting is all in-house, this only presents a problem to Claire, who has to print the type.

As well as the casters and keyboards, we have numerous keybars, stopbars, button banks (15x15, 15x17 and the majority being 16x17 with unit shift). Moulds from 5?pt to 72pt, and over 150 founts of composition mats, over 350 border mats (6 to 72pt), approximately 800 sign mats (5? to 72pt), and as yet uncounted accented and phonetic characters. Small collection of Monotype manuals and other literature, and various Monotype spare parts, etc. Sadly, although we have a lot of composition faces, we have only one fount of UK display mats (Perpetua), and two founts of US display (flat) mats (Kennerley).

In addition to all this heavy metal, we have a web site at http://members.aol.com/typecaster/i... that is a growing listing of Monotype information, such as stopbars, keybars, wedges, oils, etc.

I think my last e-mail had a small list of some of the things I wanted out of the Monotype University, but one most important thing is that we should discuss how best to encourage new users. And to ensure that all the existing knowledge is not just preserved, but actually imparted to people.

Looking forward to meeting you, at long last!


-  David Bolton
-  Hyde Farm House
-  Marcham, Abingdon
-  Oxon OX13 6NX
-  United Kingdom
-  Tel +44 (0)1865 391391
-  alembicprs@aol.com
-  The Alembic Press



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