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Albrecht Köllner

JOURNEYING TYPOGRAPHER FBS, CARPE PLUMBUM Friday May 14th, 2004, par Andréas Schweizer

First March

With great pleasure I’ve read about the planned Monotype University, which I really want to take part in, on the german Forum Book Arts website.

I have worked for three years in digital printing on Xeikon-Machines. I’ve absolved an apprenticeship at Werkstätten und Museum für Druckkunst, Offizin Haag-Drugulin and MaXx-Print Compagny in the years 1996-1999, all in Leipzig.

After I have worked for three years in digital printing on Xeikon-Machines, I began travelling as traditional Journeyman. My special interests are Monotype typecasting machines for which a pratical training had not been possible during my apprenticeship. During my journey I have worked and learned among other places at Heinrich Buser, Buchdruckerei Greno, Nördlingen and at Peter Vöge, Drucken und Lernen, Oldenburg. And at several modern prepress offices in Germany and Switzerland. I have a basic knowledge about Monotype machines (keyboard, casters and Supra-casters) and some experiences abour working on and installing and adjusting of Linotype, Rossija (Neotype), Nebtype and Ludlow casting machines. But to my own pity I haven’t has so much practise o these machines in the last two years.

I have built a small letterpress printing office together with Mr. Thomas Siemon in Leipzig. But our Monotype is not working yet.

At this moment I am leaving for Central Asia, where I will spend the next three month. That’s why I will only get correspondence by e-mail, as long I can find Internet-Cafes in Uzbeksitan and Kazachstan.

Because I will return to Europe by train or hitchhiking I can’t say for sure where I will be in June. I hope to get Romania until then. From there I could coome to Geneva quite easily. So I cannot promise my participation for absolutely sure, but I will do my very best.

I am specially interested in

-  contact and knowledge-exchange with other Monotype-Enthusiasts
-  the computer controlled casting and keyboarding
-  possibilties and experiences in remaking spare-parts, mainly of course for matrices and moulds
-  technical datas foe weared out standard parts like springs
-  rule and line casting on Supra or Display casters.

I strongly want to help to keep the Monotype not only museal way alive and working for a long time, as I rate it as outstanding typesetting and casting system and an unique cultural heritage.

I would be happy about a fast answer or a short note by you because I will only stay for a very few days in Germany untill now.

Yours sincerely Albrecht Köllner

-  Albrecht Köllner
-  Journeying typographer FBS
-  c/o Ines-Maria Köllner
-  Ernst-Mey Strasse 22
-  D-04229 Leipzig
-  aventur@web.de



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