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John Cornelisse

ENKIDU-PRESS Friday May 14th, 2004, par Andréas Schweizer

Born: 1 november 1947. I started collecting antique books (mostly dutch literature) when I started a study mathemetics at the university of Amsterdam in 1967.

Worked 16 years as analist (electron microscopy) at the Laboratory of Histology of the medical department of the same university.

After a time I started bookbinding. Just because I found lots of interesting second hand books in terrible shape. Eleven years ago I came in contact with the dutch marginal printers society "drukwerk in de marge".

So I saw for the first time a working composition caster. And the plan arose to make the paper tapes with the computer. On the internet I found some addresses and a first prototype was made. And demonstrated at the yearly printers fair in Artis-Zoo Amsterdam.

8 years ago I saved a composition caster from a bankrupt printery. And I started casting. Always sorts, because the equipment for a keyboard is missing.

In this way the computer-dream always was in the background. Now the second prototype finaly is available, this is... even no dream any more.


Best wishes

John Cornelisse

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