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26 May 2004: casting sorts

Monday May 31st, 2004, par John Cornelisse

Today a little extra program built for casting sorts.

This gives me the possibility to test all routines, without all the complex factors I could meet with casting "filled" lines. That was the main purpose, when I started it...

In the mean time, itself has gained rather complex features of itself.

The program calculates the position of the adjustment-wedges when the desired width of the character cannot be cast without the S-needle.

At present the calculations presume the wedge to be of the same "SET" as the mats is the diecase.

I might find a way to use any wedge...

For the moment this will do.

Other features:

1) changing the width of the character without stopping the machine.

Touching a "P" (plus) or "M" (min) will add 0.25 unit of the set to the character,

The program calculate the changed position of the wedges, real-time, and before the next char is cast, the program will reset the wedges to their new place in two machine cycles.

2) casting a fixed ammount of character,

3) casting filled lines, all of the same length

4) the last line will stop the machine, because that line will be one character too long.

I will happy to show it to all of you in Geneva next month (12-20 June)

The program runs through all the desired cycles, and the interface "eats" it all.

Something worthy celebrating tonight.



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