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This section is optimized for Mac, Chris, was working on the PC optimization...We were planing to offer an interactive case layout learning tool on the web. Since Chris died in february 1999, the project is in stand-by. To bring the project to the end we have to find 20'000 $ to finish his genius developpement.

The different files below are the separte elements we still have to connect together.

Hope the letterpress commumity will bring us support to finish the developpement of his work.

Andréas Schweizer

CASEGENEVA.dcr (49k)

An interactive case layout , Chris made a vesrion with real lead types, but this vesrion is lost...

CASELAYOUT.dcr (49 k)

A case layout rebuilt on the fly, please enter by hand an adress from David and Claire Bolton's site

Should be one day interactive....


Composteur.dcr (146 k)

A virtual "composteur " with


plomb.dcr (418 k0)

plomb1.dcr (1.1 Mo)

plomb2.dcr (180 k0)

Letterpress_wishes.dcr (317 k)

My_letterpress_wishes.dcr (317 k)

Casse(bois).dcr (22 k0)



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