What they say about The International Monotype Memory Project (IMMP):

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Hi, I'm a graphic design estudent from spain, I'm a type lover, and I like to thanks You for your page, plenty of information and meny goods things, and I heve a Quetion, Is it posible to get the pictures in a good resolutin of the picture of the page: La Tipografia, Libreria Editrice Internazionale di Torino , 1914, ripubblicato nel 1925 (750 letterpress pictures, translate in french and italian)? Can I get the book or a copy? well, tha's all, excuseme for my bad english, and thanks for the best type page I never see on net bye

Educational workshop at Anchor Press Museum: Association Lettres et Images as a model

The Association Lettres et Images in Geneva, Switzerland was established to preserve the skills and knowledge of hot-metal typography and retain the aesthetic qualities that are contained in letterpress printed work. Andreas Schweizer, of the Association, writes “Many designers are once again looking for these specificities, those heavy honest prints, the deeper denser inks and the over-impression that answers the machine’s solicitation while the paper loses a little of its screen. It is to those artists that we dedicate our passion”. The Association has a large collection of machines and accessories that are brought into use in the workshops run by the organisation. Amongst others, these workshops are mostly attended by school groups and evening classes. Using these two organisations as a model, we believe that our proposed workshops would be popular and provide wide ranging benefits for School and College students. With Graphic Design, Information and Communication gaining an ever increasing presence in the National Curriculum and Further Education courses, we believe the these workshops will become a unique resource for students from eight years of age upwards. To endorse this assumption we conducted market research early in 2001, with a questionnaire to 100 local schools and colleges and the response was extremely positive.


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Collecting Monotype casting machines by John Setek, 7 Wills Court. Paradise Point, Queensland - 4216 , Australia

From Utility Press/ MONO-type Number 10

"One major data base now gaining favourable reviews has opened a Web Page in Geneva, Switzerland, under the banner of the International Monotype Memory Project. It is presently in French language but with support it may become available in english soon."

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Now It's Up To You Publications Tom Parson , 157 S. Logan, Denver CO 80209, USA (303) 777-8951 http://members.aol.com/typetom

"This has to be one of the most ambitious projects I have ever seen. The Zoom is a trip! My old parts manual has greasy fingerprints all over it. Now we can zoom right down into the gearbox. Congratulations. I think you have confirmed what many have suspected -- Monotype machines make us obsessed, and very crazy. I just forwarded your email to WVtypenut@aol (Rich Hopkins) in case he missed it. Thanks for such an effort, Tom ."